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Black Spy
Black Spy (right) and his mortal enemy: White Spy.
Name Black Spy
Gender Male
Species Spy
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Black Spy (official name Joke) is one of the main characters in Spy vs. Spy. His main enemy is the White Spy who he battles in every comic strip. He seems to be, in general, the one attacking White Spy first while White Spy defends, however, sometimes he cleverly sets up traps for White Spy as well. Black Spy is virtually identical to White Spy such as same overcoats and long pointed noses (similar to plague doctor outfits). The only difference between them is the color of their clothes: one dresses in black and the other in white. Black Spy's real name is Joke.


Black SpyEdit

White Spy and Black Spy share an intense hatred for one another since the entire race of White and Black Spies are at war. Although they're enemies for life, they do seem to have some aspect of respect for one another.

Grey SpyEdit

White Spy is deeply in love with Grey Spy, however, she uses this fact to an advantage in killing both White and Black Spy.

Personality Edit

Black Spy appears to be far less serious as a spy than the White Spy is, wanting to just mess with the White Spy, rarely tries to steal top secret files, and even embarrassed the White Spy by making a white toilet in the shape as the White Spy's head. He also likes the idea of the White Spy dead by drinking after seeing a gravestone that appears to be for the White Spy, and also by replacing things that have pictures of him that have him harmed with pictures of the White Spy.

His name Joke shows his focus on personal gain.

The Black Spy relies more on psychological warfare to win. He uses technology (airplane) and specialization (photograph) that are low cost and low tech.


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Black SpyEdit

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