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"Defection" was one of the Spy vs. Spy shorts that appeared on the show MADtv.



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The Black Spy is confronted by the Black Spy Leader who is angered at him for some reason. The Black Spy Leader slaps Black Spy and forces him to leave the Black Spy Embassy, while the White Spy watches everything without being noticed. An enraged Black Spy vandalizes the Embassy and quits his job as a Black Spy. He then walks home, only to throw away every item that represents his loyalty to the Embassy, including his outfit which he burns. After witnessing the surprising events, the White Spy decided that the former Black Spy could make a potential new White Spy. The former Black Spy is confronted by the White Spy when he was looking for a job, and decides to join the White Spies. The new White Spy tells the other White Spy a plan in which they would destroy the Black Embassy. At the Embassy, the two White Spies set up some dynamite near the Embassy, however, the Black Spy tricked the White Spy; the "dynamite" the Black Spy set up was actually the detonator, and the detonator the White Spy possessed was the actual dynamite itself. The Black Spy activates the detonator, which caused the dynamite to explode, killing the White Spy. The Black Spy's burned outfit suddenly falls back on him. The Black Spy looks above him, to see the Black Spy Leader and Black Ambassador applauding him.