MADtv is an American sketch comedy television series. It licensed the name and logo of Mad, but otherwise had no connection with the humor magazine outside the animated Spy vs. Spy and Don Martin cartoon shorts and images of Alfred E. Neuman that the show featured during the late 1990s. Its first TV broadcast was on October 14,

MADtv logo

1995. The one-hour show aired Saturday nights on Fox and is in syndication on Comedy Central. In Australia the show screens on satellite and cable TV channel The Comedy Channel and in late-night timeslots on free-to-air broadcaster the Nine Network and its affiliates.

It was created by Fax Bahr and Adam Small. The series was originally produced by Bahr/Small Productions and Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment (QDE). Since Bahr and Small left the series at the end of the third season (they are currently credited as "executive consultants"), the series has been handled by QDE and WB Television Distribution (its parent company Time Warner Entertainment owns Mad magazine through its DC Comics subsidiary). The series was directed by Bruce Leddy (196 episodes), as well as David Grossman, and Amanda Bearse. On November 12, 2008, Fox announced that MADtv's 14th season would be its last. Despite this, David Salzman said that he would be exploring the continuation of the show on another channel, possibly cable (though, as of 2010, the only evidence of a MADtv cable revival can be found on the Cartoon Network series MAD). However the show did not air in the 2009–2010 season. In early 2009, the show was moved behind Talkshow with Spike Feresten, the show that normally followed MADtv, as a test, before being moved back. The show was nominated for 35 Emmy awards and won 8. The series finale aired on May 16, 2009.