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Spy vs. Spy is a long-running comic created by Antonio Prohias and has appeared in nearly every issue of MAD Magazine.

White and Black Spy

Spy vs. Spy is also a cartoon short that airs on most of the episodes/issues of the kids sketch comedy show/comic MAD (comic). It follows the adventures of two spys (Black Spy & White Spy) who try to hurt/kill eachother in a comical way such as weapons. The comic features two spies, Black Spy and White Spy, who are constantly warring against each other,and coming up with increasingly sophisticated ways of doing away with each other. The comic isn't just about the Black and White Spy, it's also about the war between Black and White Spies eveywhere, being lead by the Black and White Spy Leaders.


The plot of the short is for the opposing spy trying to harm/kill the other, usually the one who attacks first is the one who gets harmed, because the other one tricks him.